Universal seal PSW 97

The universal seal can be applied practically and quickly, even in difficult to access locations. The print is well visible from larger distances. Numbering is always consecutive. That permits precise inspection on demand as well.

One of the safest seals in the world.

  • Plastic element, closure system in steel
  • Is simply closed by finger and thumb pressure with one hand
  • 15 colors available – 8 of them solid colored & 7 transparent
  • Numbering always consecutive
  • Personalisation possible with up to 12 letters and numbering with up to 7 numbers
The PSW 97 is an extremely safe seal. Once applied, it cannot be manipulated anymore.

Can be used with any sealing spiral wire, such as:

  • Galvanised spiral wire
  • Copper spiral wire
  • Brass spiral wire
  • Safety-tested nylon copper spiral wire

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