Sealing clamp RP

Effective protection from manipulation

With a little craftsmanship and ingenuity, fraudsters manage to remove water and gas meters or to manipulate them to their advantage, and even to make them run backwards. In addition to the enormous economic damage, severe property damage and injury may result here, especially in the gas area. Often, it is not clear whether someone has actually manipulated the supply lines. Therefore, solutions that effectively keep potential fraudsters from their plans are needed. Make use of professional products from our range in this area.

Protect water and gas meters against manipulations effectively.

The Plombex sealing clamps RP are made of a single piece and therefore are particularly comfortable to handle. The click closure makes it easy to attach them to the supply lines. Removal destroys the clamp so that it cannot be reused. A well visible consecutive number makes it easier to trace damage to it. Also increase recognition by additionally having your company designation printed on.

The sealing clamp (water meter seal) RP is available in sizes 1/2″, 3/”4″, 1″ and 1 1/2″. Available in the colours blue (for water) or yellow (for gas). (Other colours on request). Our water/gas meter seals RP are available in size DN 50/QN15 too.
Test the quality of the Plombex sealing clamp RP. We will gladly send you sample copies. Just contact us.

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