Sealing clamp CL

Sealing clamp, two-part – preventing manipulation of water and gas meters

Manipulation of water and gas meters is reported more and more often. The goal of the fraudsters is always the same: they want to make the meters show a lower than actual consumption. For this, it is often removed, which may even cause greater damage due to escaping water or gas. Therefore, the supply lines must be effectively protected against unauthorised access. If manipulation takes place nevertheless, this must be verifiable in any case. Use products from our range to meet these requirements.

Protect water and gas meters effectively against manipulations.

The Plombex sealing clamp CL has two parts made of transparent plastic. This offers the great advantages that the supply lines remain visible and can be inspected perfectly. The half shells can be connected to each other with a practical click closure. The sealing clamp is destroyed when opening. This thus serves as proof of manipulation. On request, a consecutive number and your company name can be printed on. Use this option to appear even more professional at your customers’ site.

The sealing clamp CL is available in four different sizes and in the colours red, blue, yellow and green. Test the quality of the Plombex sealing clamp CL. We will gladly send you sample copies. Just contact us.

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